Finding The Best Things To Do In NYC

Whenever I think about New York, there is this image that pops into my head. A picture of Time Square; the great crossroads of the world, where busy people are flooding in from every corner of the city. Whenever I think about New York, I can only imagine how it would taste, smell or sound. As many people are aware of, New York itself, is a world of its own. Countless of Immigrants and tourists from all over rages in and takes part in the busy atmosphere brought about by this magnificent city.

A trip to New York and Things to do in NYC will always be one to remember. There’s a walk around Central Park where lovers share romantic moments; where health conscious individuals spend their morning there jogging the calories away; a park where almost everyone is allowed to express themselves.

Then there is a visit to one the most iconic places in New York, Grand Central Terminal. From wall to wall, you hear each cheerful welcome and tearful goodbye of loved ones coming in and out. Just by the look of this station, you could actually feel its historical aura.

Witness and marvel at how this city is a maze of streets and sky towering buildings. Take a tour atop one the Empire State Building. The view from there will literally take your breath away. Take pictures and just enjoy the air. Want to experience how authentic New York really is? Walk the streets of Little Italy and taste Italian Pasta. From there have a sip of coffee at the cafés and live music joints.

Without a doubt, you’ll never run out of things to while you’re in the Big Apple. I can only imagine what it would be like. Now I know why this is one the favourite spots of filmmakers to shoot their movies.

Photography In New York City

There are significant moments in life that deserve to be immortalized. A birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, it is that in these moments of our lives, the most candid of smiles, the most happiest of laughter, the most cheerful hugs and sincere handshakes should be placed on a mantle, framed, and adorned with the fanciest of decorations.

Imagine yourself walking along a long and a sad street covered with dried maple leaves. Imagine that it is almost sunset where the moon and the sun is together up in the sky. Lamp posts lighting the way forward. That would be one sad picture.

Ever since I was in school, there are dreams in me where I want to take pictures. I want to be equipped with a camera, doesn’t have to be so fancy or expensive. I want to be able to feel the joy of clicking that button, taking pictures of just about anything.

It too is a lifelong dream of mine to venture out in New York. Just work myself around its busy streets. Smell the air. Taste and touch the flavours of New York. Enjoy the majestic views provided by this city’s sky towering skyscrapers.

Pair them up, a passion for photography in NYC. That’s a winning combination if you ask me. Being able to capture how fast paced the Big Apple really is. Just about every turn at every corner, there will always be something to photograph. Marvel at how alive this city can be.

Given the chance, I’d go on a trip to New York with just a snap of a finger. Pair me up with a trusty camera, a canister of water, and just a map. I’d get myself lost in this city and just enjoy every second, every moment of this.

MMA Classes NYC

What is about MMA that a lot of people have grown to just enjoy watching people beat the living crap out of other people? How is it that when it started, just a handful even knew of MMA? Now at almost every part of this Earth, everybody knows who knocked who. MMA is a dangerous sport. It involves getting hit in the face, punched or kicked; getting choked out or having an arm broken.

I too am a fan. For more than half of my life, I have been watching the likes of Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture punch their way through winning the coveted UFC World Champion belt. I have been hoping for a lesson. I used to train myself by jogging and lifting weights, but never had a mentoring by a professional.

Learning the all about mixed martial arts, means you’d have to undergo extreme and rigorous training just you can perform well in the ring. Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu are just some of the fighting styles that you can master. As a beginner, especially living in New York, you too can be as the MMA superstars that you’ve been idolizing all your life. Beginner’s classes can be found in this city.


It definitely is not easy working your way through in being the best fighter in the world. For almost everyone in the mixed martial arts world, decided that they’d have to put on the full armour they acquired in years and years discipline and training in which they can wear during a fight in the ring. There are some who are born gifted and skilled in fighting, but they too must go through hard core training just so they can stand out among the long list of fighters.

If you can only dig deep in yourself that you can have the skills, the potential and the discipline, perhaps you too will just one of the champions ever to wear that championship belt.